Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Photo dump

Been trying something new with all the Bones minis I had lying around:

I wanted to try some speed painting (an event I love doing at Cons!), so I sat down and gave myself an hour for a mini. I was surprised at what came out the other side, and had a lot of fun, so I did it several more times. I'm hoping that they will find a good home on someones gaming table : )

Between distractions, I have been poking away at a piece that I did just for me. I wanted to try some new things, including a more elaborate base and working on skin. I had a model that came from a clearance bin at some convention or other, and thought he would be a fun, characterful piece. All I know about it is that the clamshell he came in had the name "Hammers" on the front.

It was a lot of fun putting so many different colors on one model - I think the non-matching makes it work, feels more real.

At some point, I also painted this. I think it was when the snow started to get to me when it was still here in April...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Further updates on the DnD figure and Menoth jack:

Still needs work on her cloak and some details, but shes getting pretty close!

Elena's little buddy

Ready for some repentin'

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Picking at things / latest commission

I've been somewhat unguided in my hobby endeavors as of late, but have still have something to show for my time. I've been playing with purples on some of my Menoth, making a bunch of bases/prepping a bunch of stuff for when the weather decides I'm allowed to prime things again (-5 degrees actually freezes the primer before it touches the model, regardless of how warm the can is : -/  ), and started a new commission.


This latest commissoin model is based of the 1st Eiryiss model from PP, with some extensive modifications to it, which include extra potions, pouches, and scrolls, an oversized gauntlet for taking magical samples/readings/cross-bowing,  a gritty urban base, and a robot spider friend : )

Cheers, Gith

Saturday, January 25, 2014


   I've been using this guy as my Zen Archer in a Pathfinder campaign run by a buddy of mine. The model is a Ten Thunders Archer from Malifaux, which I thought fit my toon perfectly.

   I started him months ago just so I wasn't playing with bare plastic, but never got around to finishing him. I wanted the practice with yellow, and have always liked how it looks with turquoise. Turns out painting both colors is a pain in the butt, but there you are : P  

   I might come back to him to play more with the colors, practice blending, and especially work on how I handle broad areas like cloaks, which are still giving me trouble, but for a playing piece, I consider him done.

Cheers, Gith

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back in the saddle again / photo dump

Welp, Its been about a year and a half since my last post. Long story short, I went back to school to finish classes so I can apply to graduate programs, as well as got married. I finished up both and decided (along with some friendly pushes) to try and restart the blog.

I haven't been completely idle in my time away. Below are some of the projects and commissions I've done in the intervening time.

Cheers, Gith

This one is extra special, as it featured as the cake topper at my wedding : )

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo dump

I'm elbow deep in the ships, but I'm starting to see daylight ahead. Next week and a half will be the final push!

                                                         (sorry for the flash on this one!)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 more down, three on the way...

Been on a much needed vacation, but still brought along a few things to work on. Purple/black and a red cranked out. Another green, purple, and a Lex Luther battle-suit fleet on deck. Sorry for the crappy photo (again), had to take down my photo set-up and haven't had a chance to set it up again. Hopefully I will get the chance before Gencon, which is only a week away! I will be there, and plan on spending some time at the BFR Games booth painting.

Cheers, Gith