Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Picking at things / latest commission

I've been somewhat unguided in my hobby endeavors as of late, but have still have something to show for my time. I've been playing with purples on some of my Menoth, making a bunch of bases/prepping a bunch of stuff for when the weather decides I'm allowed to prime things again (-5 degrees actually freezes the primer before it touches the model, regardless of how warm the can is : -/  ), and started a new commission.


This latest commissoin model is based of the 1st Eiryiss model from PP, with some extensive modifications to it, which include extra potions, pouches, and scrolls, an oversized gauntlet for taking magical samples/readings/cross-bowing,  a gritty urban base, and a robot spider friend : )

Cheers, Gith