Thursday, April 28, 2011


Some new toys, and therefore the first posts this blog was created for, are on their way!

I'm really excited to start this project, especially since others will (hopefully) be following along. I just finished an eKaya force for a friend (pics coming) and had a lot of fun doing so. I got to try some new techniques and it felt really good to see all the models finished instead of the hodgepodge that has been on my desk.

After reading the post on MWC about the LiveStrong Wargaming Project (check it out through the link on the right!), I knew that doing an army in the colors of the foundation would be a great tie-in as well as look awesome. I had been reading the Cygnar force book at the time and thought that if the blue armor was switched to black, the under-armor to grey, and the electricity/trim to yellow...ding! We have a winner! I'm sure it could be done with any faction, but the picture I had in my head just worked. Next was to pick the warcaster.

Choosing the leader of this force would really dictate the rest of the models within it, as I have every intention of this army being battle ready and not just a handful of things I wanted to paint. Luckily, Cygnar has some great models to go with the wide variety of play styles their rules support. I went round and round, pouring over the book and trying to come up with some lists that I would enjoy working on.

This seems like a good time to mention that I am, at heart, a fluff bunny; I really like the creation of/sticking to a theme. In this regard, I think the tier list system that Privateer Press came up with was awesome. Getting bonuses for sticking to a theme seems like such a great way to inject even more narrative into battles and reward people for getting into it.

For me, Cygnar has been synonymous with steampunk technology, with magical lightning flying about empowering their forces and frying the enemy. With that in mind, no one brings more hi-tech lightning to the party than Nemo does. Both his prime and epic versions have great models and their tier lists are cool, but in the end eNemo wins out in my mind. Super characterful model, emphasis on charging up his 'jacks, buffing his buddies who can fry anyone within their little triangle of death, and everyone being immune to electricity can allow for some nasty targeting tricks. Decision made.

With eNemo and his tier list as a guide, I wanted to go for as many tiers as I could get in 25pts, get a cool model diversity, and still be able to wreck some face. I felt this was a good size to go with to sell as an individual force, as it gives a little bit of everything but is not a crazy amount of models. After looking through the book and online for pointers, it turns out there are plenty of others who had the same idea as me, and figured out a way to have fluff able to stomp face as well:

Firefly x2
Stormguard unit x2
Stormcaller x2

I might still play around with things, but this looks like a pretty solid list, fits the fluff really well, and has some really cool stuff to paint. I'm still playing with ideas for basing, and the brainstorming ideas has left me with plenty to work with if I want to revisit this theme. Now I just have to wait...

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