Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fennblades (mostly) done!

I've taken my time with these guys (I think the process started in March) and played around with a bunch of new things on them, including scratch sculpting the arms and sword of Mr. Fighty McPuncherson (far left) and playing with various shading and highlighting techniques for metal and not. While I'm sure you can see a number of places I was messing around, I like the feel of the unit as a whole, and I enjoy painting the non-traditional color scheme I have for my trolls.

However, my trolls are going to have to take a back seat for a bit, as I'm going to charge headlong into the project I originally started this blog for (months ago) - The Livestrong Project! Check out my first post on this blog or the MWC link on the sidebar and scroll down through their site to find the original impetus for the whole thing. I'm really excited about it, as I have been staring at my eNemo longingly, and he back with mild disdain for the smudge I left on his face during base-coating two months or so ago.

Cheers, Gith

P.S. I know they're bases look ugly, but unfortunately my basing materials are roughly 2,000 miles away right now in a loving living room. Hope to rectify that and my photo quality soon!

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