Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making the best of it

Upon opening the second firefly yesterday, I found that a part was missing. While it is a somewhat minor part, its the piece that connects the arm joint to the hand that holds the spear. If I try and just jam them together, it would look like a hand attached to an elbow. I was a little frustrated, as I was in a building groove, having just put together and based the ironclad and lightning tower, and decided to put things down and walk away.
I've been trying to have fun with my bases. The tower has craters from lightning blasts, while the ironclad is crunching through some debris

Cut to 12:30am. Just as I was thinking about going to bed, inspiration struck (why does it seem like good ideas always wait to pop up as you're falling asleep?). eNemo has a spell called Failsafe, which lets a jack function with full systems until it loses its last box, no matter how much damage it takes. I thought to myself, what  would that look like on a jack that had really been run through the wringer? The image that flashed through my head was one of a firefly sprinting up the field, taking bullets, bombs, and blades, only continuing to move because of Nemo's magics, which invariably look like lightning.

So now I have some very trashed firefly parts, including a limb or two held on by "lightning" (pinning wire bent and painted, trying to think of some kind of texture. Maybe glue strings...). Here is to hoping that it looks like what I envisioned.

Legs got some slight adjustments for the running pose 

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