Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moving on

After picking at Nemo some more, I decided to move on an work on something else, as it seemed like I was starting to just swirl grey paint around his skirts in a vain attempt to figure out why they didn't look right (mostly sloppy brushstrokes that I try to cover and just make new sloppy brushstrokes). A couple of minor changes from yesterday, such as a darker brown insulation layer and some runes showing his front/back arc. All in all, I'm pretty happy with him and could call him finished, but hopefully I'll be able to improve my cloth/blending some more on the rest of the army and be able to finish him properly.

I'm trying to decide what to proceed with. Below shows the force in all its varying stages of glory, from the fully boxed to the fully painted. I want to do something really fun and dynamic with the last two jacks (Ironclad is being stolen from the battlegroup box until I get my Cygnar heavy kit in the mail), and I think some creative basing would do wonders for the otherwise atrociously boring stormguard models. The stormtower light artillery looks easy to put together and a lot of character. Lastly, the stormsmiths are primed and ready to paint, but need some attention to their bases. Where to begin...

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